O’Brien Nature Play

The O’Brien Nature Play Area is Nature Explore Certified, and an ideal place for family play time! Children enjoy climbing on hay bales, navigating stumperie, swinging, climbing, building, creating, crawling through the living tunnel and investigating the butterfly gardens.

Parents enjoy special play time with their children and can watch their joyous activities from a bench or from the shaded Pavilion.

Nature play benefits overall brain development and builds healthy bodies. Here are some specific benefits of play in an uninterpreted, natural environment provided by the Dimensions Foundation:

  • Creative activity develops imagination, motor skills, and physical and cognitive abilities.
  • Unexpected occurrences, such as encounters with insects or alarming bird calls bolster emotional strength.
  • Development of new competencies enhance confidence and resiliency to face challenges.Children can explore a space with moderate risks, while conquering fears and practicing adult roles.
  • Unstructured play allows children to work as a team, share, negotiate and resolve conflict.
  • Children can make decisions, learn at their own pace and discover their own interests.
  • Interested children are ready to learn and eager to practice problem-solving skills.
  • Less verbal children learn other forms of expression to provide others a better view of their perspectives.

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