The Vista Room

The Vista Room & Terrace

Adjacent to the offices at The Brenton Arboretum is the Vista Room and Terrace. Sweeping views of the entire Arboretum dominate the setting in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere. This modern facility offers heat and air conditioning, power, wifi, A/V equipment, ADA parking and accessibility, and plumbed restrooms.

The Vista Room is equipped with a partial kitchenette including table settings for up to 40. Depending on table and chair arrangement the room can accommodate 24 to 40 people using chairs furnished by the Arboretum. Up to 75 people can be accommodated using rented chairs.

To inquire about venue availability and current rates, contact Laura Myers Hooten, Rental Coordinator at:

Please note that an appointment is required to view Arboretum rental venues. We have a small staff and all facilities might not be open for a drop in visit. To make an appointment contact Laura Myers Hooten at the email or phone number listed above.

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