Thank you to the Dallas County Foundation

Thank you to the Dallas County Foundation!

The Brenton Arboretum is grateful to the Dallas County Foundation for their generous 2020 grant to support the purchase and installation of new computer hardware and software in our offices.

Arboretum staff had been working on seriously out dated technology for everything from word processing to plant collections database management. Staffers also had to share computer stations requiring coordination on who got to use the computer on what day. Both of these circumstances limited productivity, which, in a small institution like ours, is a critical weakness. We’ve got to be firing on all cylinders to do as much as we can with the resources we’ve got!

The 2020 Grant from the Dallas County Foundation helped the Arboretum install one new computer station, upgrade the hardware on three others, update our operating systems to a version that’s compatible with current malware protection and support, and upgrade our plant database to a modern version that is much more nimble and capable to optimize our curatorial abilities.

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