Trees & Climate Change

Did you know that trees can lessen (or even reverse) climate change?

It’s true! Although most of the discussion about solving climate change focuses on the need to reduce carbon emissions from activities such as burning fossil fuels, another important part of the equation is the need to absorb carbon out of the atmosphere. This happens to be something that trees are especially good at!

As proud tree-hugging conservationists, we at The Brenton Arboretum can’t resist any opportunity to sing the many praises of trees. Trees have long been understood to play a major role in planet-wide climate stability. It’s becoming more apparent that planting and protecting trees is going to be a key factor in abating climate change. The point of this publication is to spread the good word about the importance of trees to the climate and what you can do to help trees help humanity.

Learn more about how we can help trees help humanity by reading the short document linked below.

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